TypeSquare Support Policy (Webfonts, Desktop fonts)

Support Policy
The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Morisawa Support Terms reflect a defined support period and Morisawa is not obligated to provide support beyond the end of the support period. Morisawa will provide support via emails and inquiry forms only. Morisawa does not assist support via telephone calls. Morisawa only provide support in English and/or Japanese.

You can reach out to us 24/7 via web inquiry forms, however, there may be a delay in response. It may take few days to respond depending on issue. For many of the topics, please refer to our FAQs site. Support hours are Monday through Friday between 9am to 12pm and between 1pm to 5:15pm (except national holidays and business holidays).

Morisawa does not provide technical assistance for web design purposes. Morisawa does not offer assistance to HTML, CSS, and/or API related questions. Questions in relation to internet connection or browser environment are considered beyond the scope of Morisawa’s support area.

PageViews used in the course of technical support will not be granted. Morisawa does not provide support for fonts used in OS that are not supported under usage environment. Morisawa prohibits reprint/repurpose of the content provided in the course of support assistance.

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