Web Fonts Subscription

  • Web fonts display fonts as they appear

    Morisawa's technology offers a complete web fonts solution to be able to display anywhere, anytime, by anyone.. even if you don't have our fonts installed. You can now review any project containing Japanese not just on PCs but also mobile devices and tablets.

    See a sample using web fonts

  • 美しい

    Finally, highly flexible web design for Japanese

    Japanese font files are too big to download. For this reason, often times titles were converted to images.. not anymore! Using Morisawa's web fonts, you can change the type size and other effects with CSS. No more recreating images for last minute changes.

    See samples of CSS text decoration

Standard Plan

TypeSquare Standard Plan offers 3 options: free, standard, and standard pro.
Simply insert a script tag and specify a font name, and the characters necessary for the web site are automatically detected. An optimum font for the viewing environment is distributed from the cloud.

PV = Page view

Standard Pro
If you have many domains and/or accesses over 1,000,000 /Month, we recommend you to select “Advanced Plan”.
Click here for more information about the Advanced Plan.
Yearly subscription
$ 240 / Year
$ 480 / Year
Basic PV of Yearly Contract
3,000,000 PV / Year
12,000,000 PV / Year
Number of available fonts
All fonts
Number of available domains
TypeSquare API
  • In the standard free plan, up to 10,000 PV fonts can be distributed each month.
    When the number of fonts reaches the limit, no more fonts are distributed until the following month.
  • The basic setting PV of the standard plan is a total value of all the domains that use TypeSquare.
  • TypeSquare offers API capabilities which can be used for various types of content. For more information, see reference page.

For all other information, please see the end of this page.

How to Use

You will first need to register with TypeSquare and log in to it when you get started with
TypeSquare web fonts. See this page for the instructions.

Advanced Plan

We recommend you to select “Advanced Plan” if your site has 1,000,000 PV/Month or more and/or you use the cloud font in service sites. You can use all the functions provided by TypeSquare.

Contact us here

For all other information, please see the end of this page.

Points to Note (for all plans)

  • 1 PV is counted when a page which contains web fonts is viewed.
  • In the case of a new contract, you can start using the web fonts after the completion of the payment, however, the start date of the contract will be the first of the following month.
  • The fonts can be applied to all the layers included in the registered domains. Sub-domains are counted as domains.
  • Your font distribution will NOT be stopped even if the actual count exceeds the basic setting at the end of 11th month of the contract. However, you need to change to a plan which covers this count in the next year.
  • You can stop or resume the font distribution at any time from My Page.
  • No refund for membership withdrawal or plan cancellation.

How Can We Help?

If you want to know more about our TypeSquare Advanced Plan, please contact us from below. At Morisawa, we try to accommodate your needs.

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