TypeSquare offers a Standard Plan and Self Hosting Plan, according to the font distribution format.
The Advanced Plan allow more flexibility.
The MORISAWA PASSPORT Plan is available to those who already use MORISAWA PASSPORT products.

Choose from 2 options. For free fonts, go to Plan Settings page from a side menu.

TypeSquare Standard Plan offers 3 options: free, standard, and standard pro.
Simply insert a script tag and specify a font name, and the characters necessary for the web site are automatically detected. An optimum font for the viewing environment is distributed from the cloud.
For FREE Standard Plan, go to Plan Settings from a side menu and click Confirm edit button.

PV = Page view

Standard Pro
If you have many domains and/or accesses over 1,000,000 /month, you are recommended to select “Advanced Plan”.
Click here for more information about the Advanced Plan.
Monthly subscription
$ 0
$ 21.07 / Month
$ 41.14 / Month
Basic PV
10,000 PV / month
250,000 PV / month
1,000,000 PV / month
Number of available fonts
All fonts
Number of available domains
TypeSquare API
Yearly subscription
$ 252.84 / Year
$ 493.68 / Year
Basic PV of Yearly Contract
3,000,000 PV / year
12,000,000 PV / year

Additional Option

1 Add Font
$ 8 / Month
1 Add Domain
$ 5 / Month
$ 5 / Month
  • In the case of a monthly contract, an average fee is charged when the font distribution exceeds the basic setting PV.
  • In the standard free plan, up to 10,000 PV fonts can be distributed each month.
    When the number of fonts reaches the limit, no more fonts are distributed until the following month.
  • The basic setting PV of the standard plan is a total value of all the domains that use TypeSquare.
  • TypeSquare offers API capabilities which can be used for various types of content. For more information, see reference page.

For all other information, please see the end of this page.

Advanced Plan

You are recommended to select “Advanced Plan” if your site has 1 million PV/month or more and/or you use web fonts in service sites. You can use all the functions provided by TypeSquare.

Click here for inquiry.

For all other information, please see the end of this page.

Points to Note (for all plans)

  • *If a page which uses the cloud font is viewed, it is counted as 1PV.
  • *In the case of a new contract, you can start using the cloud font at the point when the payment is completed, but the start date of the contract will be the date of the next month of the application. (Except for MORISAWA PASSPORT Plan.)
  • *The fonts can be applied to all the layers included in the registered domains. Sub-domains are counted as a domains.
  • *In the case of an annual contract, even if the actual count exceeds the basic setting at the end of 11th month of the contract, the font distribution will not be stopped. However, you need to change to a plan which covers this count in next year.
  • *You can stop or resume the font distribution at any time from My Page regardless of whether a monthly contract or Yearly Contract.
  • *You can select credit card or bank transfer as the payment method for Yearly Contract. In the case of a monthly contract, you can select credit card only, and the contract is automatically renewed every month. (Regarding Advanced Plan, please make an inquiry.)
  • *We will not refund when you withdraw from the membership or cancel a plan. When you cancel a monthly contract, the fee of the last month of the use will be billed next month.