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[Announcement] TypeSquare announces its 2022 offering—a large-scale update that expands Latin font choices and Japanese design fonts


Dear customers,

On November 8, 2022, TypeSquare released its new 2022 font selection, as well as AP versions of classic fonts and expanded character sets—a total addition of 611 fonts.

As part of its new 2022 offering, fonts including distinct design fonts have been added in four Japanese font categories: “Impact”, “Yuru Pop”, “Romance” and “Old”. It is an expressive lineup that will be effective in creating high impact effects and compelling world-building in communications, in websites and onscreen.

For Latin typefaces, a rich slate of new styles and weights have been added in four categories: “Organic & Display”, “Classic & Standard”, “Role Super Family”, and the “Clarimo UD Series”. This large expansion of options in Latin fonts makes it easy to find an offering to serve any purpose, as well as allowing for consistent branding across multiple languages.

View the new fonts here (Japanese):

In addition to the new fonts, TypeSquare now offers AP versions of popular fonts such as “Ryumin”, “Gothic MB101”, “Suzumushi”, expanded character sets in “G2 Sanserif”, and additional weights of the classic “Koburina Gothic”, among others.

Release Date:
November 8, 2022

Applicable products:
“TypeSquare” web font service
“TypeSquare” desktop font service (98 fonts with * mark)
*Desktop font release date is November 15, 2022.

Fonts to be released:
〈Japanese fonts〉

Ikazuchi*、Kuromame*、Suiryu Atlass*、Lapis Edge*、Lapis Melt*

・Yuru Pop
Kokon*、Takafuta*、Chisaki*、Potteri*、Puhu Holiday*、Puhu Pokke*、Puhu March*、
Puhu Picnic*

Oz*、WhiteAlice*、Suiryu Neoroman *、Suiryu Decoroman*

Kasumi Seiran*、Kasumi Shirafuji*、Shirotae*、Shirotae Old*、Shuei Nijimi 4go Futo Kana、Bunyu Mincho Koga Kana、Bunyu Mincho S Asamoya Kana、Bunyu Mincho S Minamo Kana、Hiragino Sans Rounded Old

Koburina Gothic (new weights)、GsanSerif* (expanded character set)

〈Latin fonts〉

・Organic & Display
Abelha Pro
Areon Pro
Concert Pro
Eminence Pro
LatinMO Pro / LatinMO Condensed Pro
Lima PE
Pistilli Pro
Rocio Pro
Tapir Pro
Vonk Pro
Zingha Pro

・Classic & Standard
BodoniMO Pro / BodoniMO Condensed Pro
CaslonMO Pro / CaslonMO Condensed Pro / CaslonMO Compressed Pro
Cetra Text Pro / Cetra Display Pro
Letras Oldstyle Pro / Letras Oldstyle Narrow Pro / Letras Oldstyle Condensed Pro
Pietro Text Pro / Pietro Display Pro
Prelude Pro / Prelude Condensed Pro / Prelude Compressed Pro
Star Times Text Pro / Star Times Display Pro
VibeMO Pro / VibeMO Condensed Pro / VibeMO Compressed Pro

・Role Super Family
Role Serif Text Pro / Role Serif Display Pro / Role Serif Banner Pro
Role Sans Text Pro / Role Sans Display Pro / Role Sans Banner Pro
Role Slab Text Pro / Role Slab Display Pro / Role Slab Banner Pro
Role Soft Text Pro / Role Soft Display Pro / Role Soft Banner Pro

・Clarimo UD Series
Clarimo UD PE Narrow / Clarimo UD PE Condensed / Clarimo UD PE Extra Condensed / Clarimo UD PE Compressed / Clarimo UD PE Extra Compressed

〈Fonts expanded to full character set〉

Shuei4 FutoKana+、HappyN+*、MaruToday+*、MaruAnti+*

〈AP versions〉

Ryumin*、Futo Min A101*、Midashi Min MA1*、Midashi Min MA31*、Gothic MB101*、Gothic Medium BBB*、Futo Go B101*、Midashi Go MB1*、Midashi Go MB31*、Talking*、Musashino、Pretty Momo*、Suzumushi *、Shinsei Kaisho CBSK1 *、Outai Kaisho *、Kaisho MCBK1 *、Kyoukasho ICA*、Kakushin Gyousho *、Reisho E1 *、Reisho 101 *、Likurei*、Kanteiryu*

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Best regards,

Morisawa USA