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[Announcement] TypeSquare adds 76 fonts, including Aoto Gothic which is ideal for on-screen body copy


Dear customers,

On November 3rd, 2021, TypeSquare will add 76 fonts, including a number of typefaces that have been newly designed this year.

The new Japanese fonts to be released include “Aoto Gothic” designed for on-screen body text; “Chougetsu”—a script typeface—delicate but incorporating strokes that conjure a feeling of speed; “Genroku Shian” which strongly evokes brush veins replicating annotations from the Yuan Dynasty in China and the Ukiyo Zoshi in Genroku Era in Japan; an old-style Mincho typeface “Shuei Nijimi 4goKana” which simulates ink bleeding in letterpress printing. New Roman fonts include the humanist sans-serif “Sharoa Pro” which is suitable for body text in official documents, and “Backflip Pro”, a jaunty and playful display typeface.

Also released are “Bunyu Mincho”, a font that is intended for literary text, as well as a separate kana lineup including “Bunrei Kana”, “Sokyu Kana”, “Yuso Kana” and “Tarumi Kana” which share the kanji designs of “Bunyu Mincho”, widening the possibilities of body copy typesetting. Additionally, seven fonts of GB-2312-80 compatible “Hiragino Sans GB Std” are added. The existing “Hiragino Sans GB” typeface will also be expanded from two weights to seven, greatly expanding available design choices.

Furthermore, AP versions of “Jun”, “Folk”, “Maru Folk”, “Kaimin Sora”, “Kaimin Tsuki”, “MainichiNewspapersM”, "MainichiNewspapersG” and “Shuei Nijimi Min” as well as “Shuei 4goKana+”, combining kana font “Shuei 4goKana” and kanji of “Shuei Mincho”, will be added.

Release date:
November 3rd, 2021

Applicable products:
Web Font Service TypeSquare
Desktop Font Service TypeSquare
Please note that Desktop Font Service for the font name with asterisk mark '*' is not applicable.

Release typefaces:
Aoto Gothic: EL / L / R / M / DB / B / EB
Chougetsu R
Genroku Shian M
Shuei Nijimi 4goKana* M
Shuei 4goKana+* M
Sharoa Pro*: UltraLight / UltraLight Italic / ExtraLight / ExtraLight Italic / Light / Light Italic / Regular / Italic / Medium / Medium Italic / DemiBold / DemiBold Italic / Bold / Bold Italic / ExtraBold / ExtraBold Italic / Heavy / Heavy Italic / Ultra / Ultra Italic
Backflip Pro*: Thin / Thin Italic / Light / Light Italic / Regular / Italic / Bold / Bold Italic / Heavy / Heavy Italic

<AP version (Japanese kerning supported)>
Jun JIS2004 AP: 101 / 201 / 34 / 501
Folk JIS2004 AP: R / M / B / H
Maru Folk JIS2004 AP: R / M / B / H
Kaimin Sora JIS2004 AP: R / M / B / H
Kaimin Tsuki JIS2004 AP: R / M / B / H
MainichiNewspapersM* L
MainichiNewspapersG* L
Shuei NijimiMin* L

<Jiyukobo Fonts>
Bunyu Mincho* R
Bunyu Mincho Bunrei* R
Bunyu Mincho Sokyu* R
Bunyu Mincho Yuso* R
Bunyu Mincho S Tarumi* R

Hiragino Sans GB Std*: W0 / W1 / W2 / W3 / W4 / W5 / W6

Best regards,
Morisawa USA