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Support Information 3/25/2019


[Support Information] Improving the display of some web fonts on Windows
Dear Customers,
Thank you for using TypeSquare and Morisawa fonts.

On March 25th, 2019, we will update some of our web fonts to improve the display on Windows.

Please be aware that it will take a while for the updated fonts to be reflected depending on your website.

The updated fonts:
210 fonts (Morisawa Japanese fonts: 203 fonts, TypeBank Japanese fonts: 7 fonts)

You can check the font list on the following page:
  *Please check them out in each browser on each OS.
  *We will continue to expand the supported fonts.
  *G2SanSerif is supported only in Japanese version of TypeSquare.

Examples in Microsoft Edge 44 on Windows 10:
The left side is displayed with the current version. The right side is displayed with the newer version.
・Shin Go R 20Px

・Ryumin R-KL 20Px

The updated fonts may look lighter in weight because we have improved the issue that smaller size of fonts or lighter weight of fonts may look jagged or uneven in weight by reason of the ability of rendering in browsers.
We recommend you use a bolder weight for the font, a bigger size for the font as far as the balance of your website permits as a solution.

We will continue to work on various improvements to satisfy you.
If you have any request or feedback, please contact us from:

Best regards,

Morisawa USA