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Announcement 11/12/2018


[Announcement] New Additions to TypeSquare’s Lineup in the US, Korea and Taiwan: Hiragino fonts
Dear customers,

Web font service TypeSquare is releasing a number of new fonts in the US, Korea and Taiwan. Hiragino fonts, such as Hiragino Mincho and Hiragino Kaku Gothic from SCREEN Graphic Solutions Co., LTD., are included in macOS, and have been well-received in a wide range of fields, including the print design industry. TypeSquare has offered the fonts in Japan since 2014, where they have been widely adopted. With this release the fonts are now also available in the US, Korea and Taiwan.

Release date: November 12, 2018

Web Font Service TypeSquare in the US, Korea and Taiwan
*The fonts are already available in Japan.

Newly released fonts:
Hiragino Mincho W2/W3/W4/W5/W6/W7/W8
Hiragino Kaku Gothic W0/W1/W2/W3/W4/W5/W6/W7/W8/W9
Koburina Gothic W1/W3/W6
Hiragino Sans Old W6/W7/W8/W9
Hiragino Maru Gothic W2/W3/W4/W5/W6/W8
Hiragino Gyosyo W4/W8
Hiragino UD Serif W4/W6
Hiragino UD Sans W3/W4/W5/W6
Hiragino UD Sans F W3/W4/W5/W6
Hiragino UD Sans Rd W3/W4/W5/W6
Hiragino Sans GB W3/W6
Hiragino Sans TC W3/W6

Best regards,

Morisawa USA