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[Announcement] Introducing 20 new typefaces on TypeSquare


Dear customers,

The web font service TypeSquare will release new fonts on June 29, 2020, including eye-catching Japanese display typefaces, multiscript serif family, and new body text serif fonts.

The lineups that enrich your expressions and expand your creative fields are:

  • Kensen, a dynamic brush script type.
  • Kokin Kyokana and Kokin Yukana, soft and friendly script types.
  • Shuei Nijimi Kaku Gothic Gold* and Shuei Nijimi Kaku Gothic Silver*, sans-serif types that reproduce ink spread on paper in letterpress printing.
  • Multiscript extension of UD Reimin Simplified Chinese and UD Reimin Traditional Chinese.
  • Red Alice*, a retro-modern display type.
  • Vonk*, a contemporary serif text typeface that won the Morisawa Award Gold Prize and the Akashi Award in the Latin Category at the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016.

Release date:
  Monday, June 29, 2020

Applicable products:
  Web Font Service TypeSquare
  Desktop Font Service TypeSquare
    *Please note that Desktop Font Service for these fonts is not applicable.

Release typefaces:

  • Kensen
  • Kokin Kyokana
  • Kokin Yukana
  • Shuei Nijimi Kaku Gothic Gold*
  • Shuei Nijimi Kaku Gothic Silver*
  • UD Reimin Simplified Chinese Light / Regular / Medium / Bold / Extra Bold/ Heavy
  • UD Reimin Traditional Chinese Light / Regular / Medium / Bold / Extra Bold/ Heavy
  • Red Alice*
  • Vonk* Regular/Regular Italic

Best regards,

Morisawa USA