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[Announcement] 65 typefaces are available for Desktop use on TypeSquare


Dear customers,

TypeSquare will release 65 fonts for Desktop use on September 1, 2020, including Universal Design typefaces, decorative typefaces, and body text serif fonts.

The lineups that enrich your expressions and expand your creative fields are:

  • HonMincho Family
    • HonMincho L / M / B / E / U
      The "HonMincho" is a highly readable Mincho (a form of serif used for Asian characters that resembles brush stroke calligraphy) type that combines an elegant curve lines with sharp lines. This typeface represents the Japanese typeface of all time.
    • HonMinKok L / M
      It is designed to be more readable in body text by making the letter faces smaller than "HonMincho".
    • HonMinSink L / M / B / E / U
      "HonMinShink" has a design with an impressive brush movement.
    • HonMinSKok L / M
      A typeface with a small letter faces design based on "HonMinSink".
  • HonMincho-Book Family
    • HonMincho-Book
      "HonMincho-Book" is derived from "HonMincho". A typeface specifically developed for text use in books with the aim of further improving legibility and readability.
    • HonMinKok-Book
      The size of the kana letter faces are designed slightly smaller compare to "HonMincho-Book".
    • HonMinSink-Book
      Compare to "HonMicho-Book", "HonMinSink-Book" has a lively look that expresses the movement of the brush stroke.
    • HonMinSKok-Book
      The size of the kana letter faces are designed slightly smaller compare to "HonMinSink-Book".
  • NOW MM / MB / ME / MU
    It is a modern Mincho style that has improved legibility by increasing the thickness of the horizontal strokes. Since it is possible to express letters with a large impact without compromising the readability of small letters, it is effective not only for sign displays and editorial designs, but also for the Web sites and e-books.
  • NOW GM / GB / GE / GU
    It is a modern Gothic style composed of sharp straight lines and smooth curves. Compared to other modern Gothic styles, it is designed to be slightly smaller, giving a soft impression without oppression.
  • Shino M / B
    "Shino" is a semi-cursive typeface with a traditional style and strong appearance. It has a good balance of kanji and kana, and can be used widely from design scenes that require strong impact such as titles, large headlines, signboards, high readability, and for body text.
  • NikkatsuSeiKai
    It is a powerful, well-designed block style typeface with a good character alignment. It has a dignified design that respects ceremonies, and its elegant brushwork gives it an exceptional taste as a writing typeface, and can be widely used for courtesy and social documents.
  • TBUDRGothic SL / R / B / H
    "TBUDRGothic" is a Universal Design [UD] Rounded Gothic style with a soft structure and a familiar expression. The legibility of characters is improved by increasing the diacritic marks.
  • TBUDMincho M / H
    "TBUDMincho" is a typeface that is easy to read while maintaining the dignified tradition of Mincho style. It is designed to see the diacritic marks easier so that the shape of the letters is not distorted even though the letter faces and counters are large.
  • UDTypos 58 / 510 / 512 / 515
    "UDTypos" is a typeface consist of redesigned Kana and corresponding Kanji of “Typos” typeface which was very popular in 60s-70s in Japan. The simple and clear letterforms work well in prints, as well as on-screen such as websites or cellphones and collecting attentions as a highly legible typeface.
  • Echo L / R / B
    A decorative typeface with a high center of gravity and a linear design that gives a neat impression.
  • Orb
    A round Gothic style that features a graceful and elegant structure inspired by the gold text engraved on the surface of bronze ware in ancient China, and a kana with a gentle expression that leaves handwritten feeling.
  • UDDigiKyokasho R / M/ B / H
    UDDigiKyokasho was developed in collaboration with academic research. Strokes and stroke contrast were derived from handwriting to assist children with low-vision or dyslexia in a learning environment. These fonts are widely used and effective in ICT [Information and Communications Technology] Education and can be found in e-books and digital chalkboards.
  • Brush
    It is a freehand style decorative typeface with a rough brush expression on the beginning and end of the stroke.
  • Kointai
    It is a typeface with a modern twist that takes out the old-fashioned impression peculiar to old-style stamps.
  • TBUDGothic SL / R / B / E / H
    An easy-to-read UD Gothic style that combines both legibility and design balance. The feature is that kana is made slightly smaller than kanji, so that when you compose a long sentence with lighter weights, it creates a moderate contrast.
  • RedAlice
    "RedAlice" is a retro-modern decorative typeface. It's perfect for creating cuteness with headlines and captions such as games and comics.
  • GsanSerif B / U
    A display typeface that is both powerful and easy to read. The design is strong and heavy, yet clearly legible, and will add an eye-catching accent.

Release date:
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Best regards,
Morisawa USA