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Announcement 2/12/2019


[Announcement] A variety of new Japanese fonts, including Shimanami, will be available on Morisawa’s Desktop and Web font service TypeSquare

Dear customers,

Our new offering will include the following fonts:
“Shimanami,” characterized by elements incorporating the nuances of brush strokes; “Kamome Ryuso,” with stroke-endings that evoke the sharp talons of dragons; “SakuraKeisetsu,” that exudes refinement and graciousness; “Shuei NijimiMGo,” with a letterpress-like texture created by a bleeding-ink effect; “Echo,” with a clean look generated by a high center of gravity and a linear font design; “Orb,” with a classy retro feel from its sweet, rounded streamline expression. We have also tweaked parts of “UDDigiKyokasho” and “Zen Old Mincho N D” that have already been released. Please see below.

Release date: February 12, 2019

Newly released fonts:
Available on both Desktop Font Service TypeSquare and Web Font Service TypeSquare:
  Shimanami JIS2004

Available on Web Font Service TypeSquare:
  Kamome Ryuso
  Kamome Ryuso JIS2004
  SakuraKeisetsu JIS2004
  Shuei NijimiMGo B
  Shuei NijimiMGo B JIS2004
  Echo L / R / B

Revised fonts:
  UDDigiKyokasho R / M / B / H *extended to Pro character set
  UDDigiKyokasho JIS2004 R / M / B / H *extended to ProN character set
  Zen Old Mincho N D

Best regards,

Morisawa USA