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Support Information 8/6/2018


 [Support Information] TypeSquare JavaScript Renewal

Dear Customers,
Thank you for using TypeSquare and Morisawa fonts.
Please be informed that TypeSquare JavaScript was renewed. The newer version of JavaScript has new features such as autoloading of dynamic contents and loadability settings of pseudo-elements/hidden elements.
In addiiton, the performance has improved so that you can have a faster experience by replacing TypeSquare JavaScript you are using now.
You can also keep using the older version of TypeSquare JavaScript.
[How to use the newer version of TypeSqure JavaScript]
1. Please log in to TypeSquare site (
2. Go to the left panel > Web Fonts > Plan Settings/Free Plan
3. Click on Confirm button of your plan
4. Copy your plan tag and paste it in the head tag of your html
For more details, please see TypeSquare JavaScript API Reference:
Best regards, 
Morisawa USA