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Announcement 8/22/2017


Morisawa’s Web Font Service TypeSquare Begins Offering Fonts from A-1 Corp and Design Signal Company

Morisawa Inc., headed by Akihiko Morisawa and headquartered at 2-6-25 Shikitsu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, Japan, will begin offering fonts from A-1 Corp (President: Yoshimichi Ohira, A-1 hereafter) and Design Signal Company (Presdent: Yasushi Saikusa, Design Signal hereafter).

A-1 is known for simple and easy-to-use fonts such as ZEN Old Mincho N and ZEN Kaku Gothic N. The fonts are perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, from catch phrases to body text. Design Signal, in contrast, is known for its rich library of unique, eye-catching, display-type fonts such as Kirigirisu and Soyokaze, used in various genres including games and package designs to make novel, standout statements.

All 22 fonts from A-1 and 27 fonts from Design Signal are available for trials on TypeSquare, a website that allows fonts to be easily viewed and sampled in a browser.

TypeSquare continues to expand and improve its Web Fonts lineup to aid in the creation of better-looking and better-performing websites.

The new fonts will be offered starting Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New Fonts Offered
A-1: 22 fonts
ZEN Old Mincho N R / M / D / B / H, ZEN Kaku Gothic N L / R / M / B / H, ZEN Maru Gothic N L / R / M / B / H, ZEN Antique, ZEN Antique S, Kurenaido, Zen Loop, Zen Loop Italic, Dots, Tokyo Zoo

Design Signal: 27 fonts
DS-stage1, DS-birthday19, DS-birthday21, DS-tomorrowwalk, DS-Uminwalk, DS-tomorrowskip, DS-tomorrowdream, DS-flaming, DS-ikikoku, DS-showwa70, DS-arinco, DS-dada, DS-fude77, DS-kirigirisu, DS-ayumin, DS-mambo, DS-rumba, DS-rakugaki, DS-kinshichi, DS-highcollar, DS-bancollar, DS-akari, DS-soyokaze, DS-namikaze, DS-yutampo, DS-ungrou, DS-type7

You can try TypeSquare here:

For more information about A-1:

For more information about Design Signal:

※ These fonts are offered only from TypeSquare. They are not packaged in Morisawa Passport products and Morisawa Font Select Pack products.

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